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08 e6 impedance leads put capactors in parallel vc e6

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Unformatted text preview: p;E,0.08<'C? Convert to Cosine function first, sin(x)=cos( x - 90 deg ) ",0J.+8<0H /<02/,<1/ 8, E7'/,+/ Z(c) = 1/(j*w*C) ",(EC.& <(E.1'0-./ ,@ VB RB '01 " .C.(.08/ "<+-2<8 '0'C>/</ 6<87 E7'/,+/ '01 -,(EC.& <(E.1'0-./ Z(L) = j*w*L ",(EC.& E,6.+ Capacitative Load has a negative To increase capacitance, ZEE'+.08 E,6.+ impedance (leads) put capactors in parallel V.'C E,6.+ ,+ 'J.+'H. E,6.+ Inductive Load has a positive impedance (lags) To increase Inductance, put V.'-8<J. E,6.+ inductors in series *,6.+ @'-8,+ 9C.'1<0H ,+ C'HH<0H? *,6.+ @'-8,+ -,++.-8<,0 ['C'0-....
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