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Unformatted text preview: of 6 - Today 4:41 PM KVL at loop 3 algebra/handwaving happens and: Why is gain not dependent on R3 or R4: R4/R3 = R2/R1 Murphy's Law: Practical Considerations: 1. saturation: can occur when the input voltage and the amplifier gain product (v(in) * A ) exceeds the supply voltage values: V(cc) and V(ee) Example: If no saturation: Suppose R1 = 1 kiloOhms, Rf = 100 kiloOhms V(in) = 0.6 Volts Made with Notes Plus iPad app - http:/ / ECE 207 - 16 Nov 10 Page 5 of 6 - Today 4:47 PM Find the output voltage, V0 and Vd which is not possible, so the actual output is -10Volts If Vcc = 0 and Vee = -20V, then V0 = -20 V What is Vd? (we have saturation, so summing point cons...
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