Source voltage or resistor to increase current in

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Unformatted text preview: resistor To increase current in diode: increase source voltage or make the R for the resistor smaller What if circuit is different? V positive for diode to conduct Assume diode is off, therefore current is zero ECE 207 - 30 Nov 10 Zener Diode ex Load Line Analysis (10.2) Exercise 10.3 Page 3 of 4 - Nov 30, 2010 ECE 207 - 30 Nov 10 Page 4 of 4 - Nov 30, 2010 EX Try Thevenin Equivalent: Rectifiers (10.6) Discharge of capacitor Charge of capacitor How much of the wave form is being used: 1/2, so its a half rectifier, full rectifier, fig 10.28...
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