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iClicker Questions test2

iClicker Questions test2 - Which is closest to White dwarf...

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Which is closest to: White dwarf? B…bottom left Fusion? D Kelvin Helmholz contraction? E…far right…M and 10,000 Horizontal branch? A planetary nebula can best be described as an expanding shell… A helium flash occurs because degenerates electrons in the core do not allow the core to expand as it heats up Main source of energy for a white dwarf stored heat What physical characteristic most determines the main sequence lifetime of a star ? Mass When a solar core has mostly been transformed from hydrogen into helium, the Sun will move to the next phase of its life cycle, changing gradually into a red giant After the second red giant stage, an old solar mass star will gently eject its outer layers, leaving behind a hot, smaller stellar planetary nebula A type II supernova is characterized by a spectrum that shows hydrogen and collapsed on iron core The nature of observations of pulsars is explained most simply by models of rotating neutron stars
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