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The Basic Practice of Statistics w/CD-ROM

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Scott Stevenson 2/28/2008 econ 3818 8.31 a) population: adult residents of the us The sample size would be 1002 b) rotating the order cancels out the possiblity that order may have an effect on how people will respond 8.41 a) false  b) true  c) false 9.26 a)  explainatory is treatment response is survivors b) its not an expirament because it is data that has been gathered for other pourposes  and not to see weather one or the other outcomes have occurred. c)  confounding will prevent this study from discovering which treatment was more 
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Unformatted text preview: effective because time was not accounted for in either one 9.32 a) divide sample population into 3 groups 1) stress management 2) antidepressent meds 3) both 1 & 2 together the expirament would be to find a population of depressed people through hospitals and interview them on a random basis to see what kind of medication they are taking and then see how effective each is compared to one another. b)...
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homework 5 - effective because time was not accounted for...

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