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Foliation mineralsrecrystallizeperpendicularto

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Unformatted text preview: c. Foliation Minerals Recrystallize Perpendicular to the Directed Pressure If the minerals are flat, such as sheet­like Micas, their parallel orientation gives a layered look; layering unrelated to the original bedding in the parent rock. Main factors affecting metamorphism 3. Parent rock Metamorphic rocks typically have the Metamorphic same chemical composition as the rock they were formed from. they Different minerals, but made of the same Different atoms. atoms. Exception: when hot water is involved. Metamorphic Settings Three types of metamorphic settings: 1. Contact metamorphism – due heat from adjacent rocks 2. Hydrothermal metamorphism – chemical alterations from hot, ion-rich water from 3. Regional metamorphism -- Occurs in the cores of mountain belts and subduction zones (Converging Margins) . Makes great volumes of metamorphic rock. Includes: Includes: – a. Burial Metamorphism – e.g. Burial of sediments deeper than 10 km – non-foliated deeper – b. Dynamothermal Metamorphism – Directed pressure in Plate Tectonic Processes - foliated in Most is Dynamothermal 1. Contact Metamorphism Baking due to nearby Magma Effect strongest in rocks in immediate contact Contact metamorphism Produced mostly by local heat source Contact Metamorphism Metamorphic Aureole 2. Hydrothermal Metamorphism Due circulation of water near Magma Important at mid­ocean ridge Hydrothermal Metamorphism 3. Regional Metamorhism 3. Regional Metamorhism Most Dynamothermal metamorphism Most Dynamothermal occurs along convergent plate boundaries occurs Example 1: Continent-Continent Collisions Compressional stresses deforms plate edge Continents Collide Major Folded Mountain Belts: Alps...
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