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Whataremetamorphictextures texture refers to the size

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Unformatted text preview: ht and dark minerals What are metamorphic textures? What are metamorphic textures? Texture refers to the size, shape, and arrangement of mineral grains within a rock arrangement Foliation – planar arrangement of mineral grains within a rock, perpendicular to the directed pressure directed Common near convergent margins Outcrop of foliated gneiss Metamorphic textures Metamorphic textures Foliation Foliation can form in various ways: – Rotation of platy or elongated minerals – Recrystallization of minerals in a Recrystallization preferred orientation preferred – Changing the shape of equidimensional Changing grains into elongated and aligned shapes grains Development of foliation due to directed pressure Migmatites­ When Partial Melting Starts Heat the rock, when the minerals with the lowest melting points (Qtz, Feldspar) at that pressure melt then recrystallize, we get separate bands of Metamorphic and Igneous rock...
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