Kent precambrian limestone over cretaceous shales

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Unformatted text preview: ck P. Kent PreCambrian Limestone over Cretaceous Shales Plate tectonics and faulting Plate • c) Strike-slip faults: Transform Boundaries San Andreas Fault Fault Types and processes of mountainTypes building (Orogenesis) 1. 2. 3. 4. Volcanic mountains Fold-and-thrust mountains Fault-block mountains Upwarped mountains Types of Mountains Types • 2. Fold-and-thrust mountains – Formed by Continent-Continent Collisions Appalachian Mountain System System Collisional Mountains ??? (The Grand Tetons in Wyoming) (The Source: Peter French/DRK Photo Paradigm shifts: What is wrong with our model? More on this later Fault-block mountains Fault-block • Rift Valleys, Mid Ocean Ridges • Basin and Range province ??? • Normal Fault Blocks as in East Africa • Divergent Margins? • Paradigm Shifts Origin of the Basin and Range Southwestern North America Southwestern Looks different Paradigm Shifts Upwarped mountains Upwarped a) Gently bent without much deformation b) Ascent of buoyant mantle material c) Far from plate boundaries d) Adirondack Mountains: Uplift of deep PreCambrian Igneous and Metamorphic rocks The Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York of Source: Clyde H. Smith/Allstock/Tony Stone Images Anticlines and Oil Anticlines Early USA petroleum exploration, e.g. Pennsylvania anticlines Faults and Oil Faults...
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