California buildings as its standard standard

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Unformatted text preview: earthquake Intensity – a measure of earthquake shaking at a given location based on amount of damage damage Magnitude – estimates the amount of energy released by the earthquake released Intensity scales Intensity Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale was developed using California buildings as its standard standard Drawback is that destruction may not be Drawback true measure of earthquakes actual energy true Earthquake destruction Earthquake destruction Amount of structural damage depends Amount on on Intensity and duration of vibrations Nature of the material upon which the Nature structure rests (hard rock good, soft bad) bad) Design of the structure Magnitude scales Magnitude Richter magnitude - concept introduced by Charles Richter in 1935 Charles Richter scale – Based on amplitude of largest seismic Based wave recorded wave – LOG10 SCALE Each unit of Richter magnitude corresponds to 10X increase in wave amplitude and 32X increase in Energy amplitude Magnitude scales Magnitude Moment magnitude was developed because Richter magnitude does not closely estimate the size of very large earthquakes the – Derived from the amount of displacement Derived that occurs along a fault and the area of...
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