Destructive formationofatsunami formationofatsunami

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Unformatted text preview: the fault that slips the Tsunamis, or seismic sea waves Tsunamis Incorrectly called “tidal waves” Result from “push” of underwater fault Result or undersea landslide or In open ocean wave height is < 1 meter In shallow coast water wave can be > 30 In meters meters Very destructive Formation of a tsunami Formation of a tsunami Honolulu officials know exactly how long it takes a Tsunami to reach them from anywhere Tsunami 1960, Hilo Tsunami 1960, Hilo Hawaii Tsunami Model, Japan Earthquake Tsunami Model, Japan Earthquake Tsunami Tsunami Model, Alaska Quake Earthquake prediction Earthquake prediction Long-range forecasts Long-range Calculates probability of a certain Calculates magnitude earthquake occurring over a given time period given Short-range predictions Ongoing research, presently not much Ongoing success success Long Term Predictions Seismic Gaps Long Term Predictions Strain Energy ­ accumulates uniformly ­ release irregularly Some locked by friction “Seismic gaps” – Prime candidates for major earthquake Some release energy continuously­ creep – No major earthquakes there Seismic Gaps at the Aleutian Islands...
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