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Smear fenceoffsetbythe1906san fenceoffsetbythe1906san

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Unformatted text preview: ore strain, they just crumble and smear continuously as the plates move. smear Fence offset by the 1906 San Fence offset by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake San Andres Fault San Andreas Fault Fires caused by 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Gas mains break, fires shaken out of furnaces and fireplaces. Water mains break. Debris blocks streets. Fire Fighters cannot drive to the fire. Landscape Shifting, Wallace Creek San Andres Fault Liquefaction Crystals from dredge muds are arranged like pick­up­sticks. Pressure waves from the earthquake force the crystals apart. Now your house is being supported by water. Makes “quick clay” Seismology Seismology Seismometers - instruments that record seismic waves record Records the movement of Records Earth in relation to a stationary mass on a rotating drum or magnetic tape magnetic A seismograph designed to A seismograph designed to record vertical ground motion The heavy mass doesn’t move much The drum moves Lateral Movement Detector In reality, copper wire coils move around magnets, generating current which is recorded. Types of seismic waves Surface waves –Complex motion, great destruction –High amplitude and low velocity –Longest periods (interval between Longest crests) crests) –Termed long, or L waves Two Types of Surface Waves Most of the destruction Larger amplitude than body waves Types of seismic waves (continued) Body waves – Travel through Earth’s interior – Two types based on mode of travel – Prima...
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