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Unformatted text preview: s elastic rebound) rebound – The motion moves neighboring rocks – And so on. (((( ((( )))) ))) Aftershocks Aftershocks The change in stress that follows The a main shock creates smaller earthquakes called aftershocks aftershocks The aftershocks “illuminate” the fault that ruptured in the main that shock shock Red dots show location of Red aftershocks formed by 3 earthquakes in Missouri and Tennessee in 1811/1812 Reverse Fault Quake - Japan HW Up Convergent Normal Fault Quake - Nevada Divergent HW Down Transform Strike Slip Fault Quake - California San Andreas: An active San Andreas: An active earthquake zone San Andreas is the most studied strike-slip San (transform) fault system in the world (transform) Displacement occurs along discrete segments 100 Displacement to 200 kilometers long to Most segments slip every 100-200 years Most producing large earthquakes producing However, some portions exhibit slow, However, gradual displacement known as fault creep. fault The rocks have low strength minerals that cannot st...
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