Advanced Plate Tectonics

A few hundred degrees temperature change results in

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Unformatted text preview: n takes place as diffusion creep, or dislocation power-law creep, mobility is highly temperature dependant, and has a quantum mechanical probability distribution. A few hundred degrees temperature change results in many orders of magnitude viscosity change. How does this change the picture? This effect means that the upper boundary layer is also mechanically stronger (a plate), and serves to further cap temperature loss, increasing the tendency of cold downwellings to dominate the system, and reducing the upwellings (Davies and Richards, 1992). upwellings OCE 661 If the viscosity change is too great, the plates will form a If stagnant “lid”, and convection will go on below, perhaps this is happening on Mars and or Venus?? What is this? OCE 661 The Earth is also round, more or less, what effect does this The have? Convection becomes more complex, but the main have? difference is that the symmetry of upper and boundary layers is again broken. Why? is The surface area of the CMB is much less than the area of the Earths surface, so for ther...
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