Advanced Plate Tectonics

He proposed as a mechanism of continental drift a

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Unformatted text preview: ere (Our wandering continents, 1937). He proposed as a mechanism of continental drift a combination of geological forces-erosion, deposition, subsidence and the ultimate ascent of molten magmageosyncline concept A. Holmes (Edinburgh University) –Principles of Physical Geology (1945) – radioactivity concept - first to suggest that the continental drift might be explained by thermal convection=> continents do not “sail” over the mantle, but they are “carried” by a conveyor belt represented by mantle’s convection cells formed due to gravitational and thermal forces OCE 661 • The hypothesis was widely rejected for many decades, elaborate but incorrect schemes were concocted to explain mountain ranges and large synclines. In the 1950’s a wealth of new evidence emerged to revive the debate about Wegener's ideas : (1) demonstration of the ruggedness and youth of the ocean floor; (2) confirmation of repeated reversals of the Earths magnetic field in the geologic past; (3) emergence of the seafloor-spreading hypothesis and associated recycling of oceanic crust; and (4) precise documentation that the world's earthquake and volcanic activity is c...
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