Advanced Plate Tectonics

How realistic is this are there solutions to these

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Unformatted text preview: e top. Equal 2) Flat earth 2) 3) No internal heating 4) Constant viscosity and rheological properties. How realistic is this? Are there solutions to these problems? How OCE 661 After almost 4 decades, many problems are unresolved. Simple After convection cannot produce such things as strike-slip plate boundaries, narrow mid-ocean ridges, or hotspot plumes. If you are a little confused about how plate driving forces are described, and how a plate can rotate around a vertical axis due to convection, that’s ok. There is no consensus about the relative importance of these forces, or on the existence of some of them. How the above problems are being addressed is complex. While convection is almost certain to be responsible, we know little of the deep structure. First lets look at the current view of forces… forces… OCE 661 What to we really know about mantle convection? What In reality, not very much. We live at the upper boundary layer, on a plate, at least I do. So we think we know a little bit about what...
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