Advanced Plate Tectonics

Oce 661 f 1963 geologists frederick vine discover the

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Unformatted text preview: rms at rifts, especially on the sea floor, where the lithosphere moves apart; mantle convection. OCE 661 f. 1963: Geologists (Frederick Vine) discover the phenomenon of periodic magnetic reversals in the earth's crust, evident from the pattern of alternating magnetic polarity in the ocean floor near midocean rifts. This discovery supports Hess' idea of sea-floor spreading. g. 1965: Scientist now suspect the existence of "hot spots", junctures at tectonic plates through which heat leaks up into the ocean; hot spots are not detected until the 70s. h. 1977: Scientists using the submersible ALVIN discover deep ocean vents near the Galapogos Islands, where hot, mineral-laden water spews into the sea. i. DSDP (Deep Sea Drilling Project) began in 1963, funded by NSF, Joint Oceanographic Institutes for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES ) now headed by TAMU. OCE 661 Meanwhile, back closer to the surface, Holmes provided a possible mechanism for driving the plates, convection. Simple thermal convection like this is based on: 1) Equal input from below and loss from th...
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