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Advanced Plate Tectonics

This results from chemical differentiation and

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Unformatted text preview: w intense Convection divergence zones (ridges) divergence 2) Collision resistance not predicted (because convection Collision models do not predict plates of “plateness”. This results from chemical differentiation and continent formation. 3) Ocean basins deviate from the age-2 relationship near 3) ridges (hydrothermal circulation?) and far from ridges (secondary convection??) (secondary 4) Dynamic topography, expected from mantle Dynamic heterogeneity, seems inconsistent. The South African “superswell” makes sense, but some other areas of expected dynamic topography have not been found. OCE 661 So where do we stand with convection and plate tectonics. And some things don’t work quite so well: so 1) Plate motion changes: Abrupt changes in plate motion, Plate such as the Hawaiian-Emperor bend, also reflected in many other seamount chains on the Pacific Plate, seems to require a 45 degree change in less than 5 my. How does convection do this? Some have suggested that all the hotspots changed direction simultaneously ins...
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