Learning Objectives for Exam 2


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Unformatted text preview: ystem o A control volume o A control surface o A Stress o Normal stress o Shear stress o Pressure o Volumetric, Mass and Momentum flow rates Be able to convert readily between SI (kms), cgs, English and Am. Eng. units Find solutions to a specified equation in the specified units Be able to apply the mass/force conversion factor gc Be able to report your solution along with the appropriate units and significant figures Topic 2 Be able to explain in words the continuum approximation Be able to define in words and solve problems concerning: Density and specific gravity Vapor pressure and cavitation Compressibility Coefficient of Volume Expansion Surface Tension – including pressure changes across curved interfaces and inside droplets and bubbles. o Viscosity o Kinematic Viscosity o Newton’s Law of viscosity Be able to explain what momentum flux is, what units it takes, and what the shear stress term for it looks like (e.g., flux in the +y direction of momentum in the +x direction) Be able to write Newton’s law of viscosity in terms of any...
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