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Argumentative Essay - Stracquatanio John Stracquatanio Dr...

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Stracquatanio John Stracquatanio Dr. Lees English 110 14 May 2007 SAT’s Reliability Questioned I’m pretty confident that the only reason I got into the school of my choice was because of my SAT scores. With that being said, the SAT test has been under heavy controversy recently due to new research and events. College has become a more obtainable dream for students trying to further their academic exploration and a tool used to gain admittance into the universities is the SAT test. But is the SAT test is a reliable source of measurement for the caliber of students entering the field of higher education? Does it look at the student’s individuality, school district, or available opportunities? Should it be made optional? If we are spending eleven years preparing for one you can bet there is going to be some controversy involved. Some schools that are looking to make their campus more diverse do not benefit from the SAT. “The SAT goal works against efforts to diversify the campus” (Chambliss). One example is that the University of Indiana is looking to raise the admission standards of the SAT far past the average of the state’s black students. Chambliss argues that “You need to reconsider and make sure that you look not just at student quality, you look at faculty quality, you look at funding quality, look at other conditions” (Chambliss Diverse Issues in Higher Education 23.3). If the University of Indiana raises its standards, then the number of eligible blacks for admissions would decrease and the campus would experience more segregation. By making the SAT 1
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Stracquatanio optional at schools with this predicament, they could bypass the standard cutoff score and focus more on the student’s other strengths on their resume. We waste so much time preparing for the SAT which could be utilized on more important things, but because the SATs are seen as the ticket to get into the college of your choice students start getting ready as soon as fourth grade. In intermediate school practice for standardized testing starts so you can be placed into the courses that will help you stay on track to do well on the SATs. Persuasive writings are practiced every year until high school for good reason since it is now worth almost one-third of the total grade on the new SATs. If you don’t perform to the standard on the HSPA (High School Proficiency Assessment) in either area of math or language arts literacy they place you into high school courses to prepare for the SAT in those areas. It is ridiculous to force some one to take a class just to prepare for a test required for college admissions. What if the student doesn’t plan on going to college and they’d rather take a course in graphic art or inventions and innovations? They waste an entire year for a course that will not even help them and not by choice.
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