4 see figure below however this cannot be correct

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Unformatted text preview: by xB = 0.4 (w/ xA + xB = 1)? If we assume the free energy value is simply a function of the relative amount of A and B and the respective values of µA0 and µB0, then, it should be given by: G = xA µA0 + xB µB0 (hence the free energy of the system would be given 187 by the value of G on the blue line for xB = 0.4 (see figure below). However, this cannot be correct because, when A and B exist in a mixture, the chemical potentials of A and B differ from µA0 and µB0, respectively. The chemical potentials should be denoted by µA and µB, and the value of G should be written as: G = xA µA + xB µB. The value of G will actually be below that given by xA µA0 + xB µB0 because we know that the chemical potential of a substan...
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