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Since the above expression of keq includes pressure

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Unformatted text preview: erature is raised. If the reaction were to shift in the forward direction, more heat would be released and that would not act against the temperature rise. So the reaction equilibrium shifts in the reverse direction (toward reactants) so that heat is absorbed by the system. Indeed, if the forward reaction (A + 2 B à༎ C + 3 D) is exothermic, then the reverse reaction (C + 3 D à༎ A + 2 B) must be endothermic. Therefore a shift of the equilibrium toward the reactants will always occur when the temperature is raised for an exothermic reaction. 195 Estimation of Equilibrium Extent of Reaction: This is best done through examples: Let us consider the following reaction: PbO (s) + CO (g) à༎ Pb (s) + CO2 (g) Let us assume that we start with one mole of CO an...
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