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Unformatted text preview: and temperature). •  Adiaba;c or Isothermal Expansion against constant external pressure. Day #19: Distant Past •  Measurement of Entropy (calorimetry to measure Cpm at T > 10-20 K + Debye law to estimate Cpm from 0 to 10-20 K). •  Third Law of Thermodynamics. •  Standard Molar Entropy Smo •  Second law in differential form: dS > or = δq/T •  Definition of Helmholtz Free Energy A = U - TS (useful especially for cst T, V processes) •  Definition of Gibbs Free Energy G = H - TS (useful especially for cst T, P processes) •  2nd law for cst V,T processes –  dA < 0 for spontaneous process –  dA = 0 for equili...
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