Equilibrium between component a in pure liquid and in

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Unformatted text preview: not, you need to calculate ΔSUniverse = ΔS + ΔSSurr for the process. –  To calculate ΔS for the system, you MUST imagine a reversible process between same ini;al and final states as in the actual (possibly irreversible) process. For example consider paths at slow isobaric or isochoric hea;ng/cooling, slow isothermal or adiaba;c compression or expansion or phase changes under equilibrium condi;ons (for example, H2O(l)à༎ H2O(v) at 100oC, 1 atm or H2O(s)à༎ H2O(l) at 0oC, 1 atm). ΔSSurr = qSurr / TSurr –  Three examples are considered (see notes for details) •  Two objects at different temperatures placed in thermal contact within an adiaba;c container. •  Mixing of the different phases of a single chemical compound to determine the final state (phases present...
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