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Unformatted text preview: is a STATE func;on, δX only used for a PATH func;on) Day #8: Fall 2011 •  Quiz #3 •  Concepts of Process, Work (organized mo;on), Energy (ability to do work) and Heat (chao;c mo;on). •  Work is done in process if a change in the height of a weight in the surroundings can be visualized to occur as the result of the process. •  Work = Opposing Force * Displacement (always) •  Sign Conven;on: Work done on the system is posi;ve, by the system is nega;ve. Heat flowing from surroundings to the system is posi;ve, from the system into the surroundings is nega;ve. •  Incremental work: δw = - Pext dV •  Free Expansion Work (Pext = 0 thus w = 0) •  Expansion/Compression under Constant External Pressure (Pext) w = - Pext (Vfin - Vinit ) •  Reversible...
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