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Intensive properes independent of the amount of

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Unformatted text preview:   No;on of System, Surroundings, Universe in Modeling Thermodynamic Behavior of a System. Laws of Thermo. •  Closed, Open, Isolated. •  Concept of Phase: Homogeneous (1 phase) vs. Heterogeneous (mul;ple phases). •  Extensive Proper;es of Homogeneous Systems (propor;onal to amount of material like “number of moles”) vs. Intensive Proper;es (independent of the amount of material). •  Use of Extensive/Intensive Character to Check Equa;ons. •  Molar Quan;;es for any Extensive Property. •  Concept of State (pressure, temperature, volume, composi;on) •  State Variables and Proper;es •  Gibbs Phase Rule for a Single Component Single Phase System. Day #3: Fall 2011 •  •  •  •  •  Equilibrium State, Equa;on of State (EOS). State (U, V, H, S, G, P…) versus Path (w, q) Func;ons. Always use Abso...
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