Past standard molar reaction gibbs free energy rgo

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Unformatted text preview: ), Condensa;on, Crystalliza;on. Signs and Rela;ve Magnitudes. Rela;onship between ΔsubH, ΔfusH and ΔvapH. •  Calorimetric measurements. •  Hess’s law (concept and use). •  Standard Forma;on Enthalpies of Substances. Enthalpy of Forma;on of pure elements in their reference state under standard pressure is always zero. •  Know the reference state for all elements in the periodic tables (know the rule (all are solid elements) + excep;ons: H2(g), N2(g), O2(g), F2(g), Cl2(g), Br2(l), I2(s), P4(s), S8(s), Hg(l), He(g), Ne(g), Ar(g), Kr(g), Xe(g), Rn(g). •  Calculate the Standard Reac;on Enthalpy from Standard Forma;on Enthalpies. Day #16: Fall 2011 •  Kirchhoff’s law (temperature dependence of enthalpy of reac;on). •  Defini;on of the Internal Pressure (πT) and Isothermal Joule- Thomson Coefficien...
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