Remember the consequences of ideal gas du cv dt

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Unformatted text preview: Isothermal Expansion/Compression of an Ideal Gas w = - nRT ln (Vfin / Vinit) Day #9: Fall 2011 •  One- step, two- step, many- step isothermal compression vs. expansion; Concept of reversible/irreversible processes. •  Work done on a system to change its state in a specific way is minimum when done reversibly. Work done by a system is maximum if done reversibly (Think about signs...) •  Graphical representa;on of work on a P vs. V plot. •  Need to account for Heat (examples where energy increases without work having been done on the system) •  First law: integral form ΔU = w + q, or ΔU = 0 for Isolated System Differen;al form dU = δq + δw •  Heat at Constant Temperature (Ideal gas compression) •  Hea;ng at Constant...
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