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To calculate s for the system you must imagine a

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Unformatted text preview: omp/Exp and Comp/Exp against Pext). Rela;on between ini;al and final state variables (PAVAγ = PBVBγ ONLY TRUE FOR REVERSIBLE ADIABATIC). •  Remember the consequences of: –  –  –  –  Ideal Gas: dU = Cv dT, dH = Cp dT, PV/T = nR, etc…) Adiaba;c: δq = 0 Isothermal: dT = 0 Isobaric P = Pext Isochoric: dV = 0 Reversible: Pext = P Monoatomic: Cvm = (3/2) R SEE HAND- OUTS FOR ALL RELATIONS… Day # 14: Fall 2011 •  Molecular origin of the heat capacity (transla;on, rota;on and vibra;onal degrees of freedom). Start with Kine;c Theories of Gases, move to diatomic and linear molecules, non- linear molecules. •  Temperature dependence of CPm and CVm (bring up quantum mech) •  Thermochemistry: Heats of Reac;on and Heats of Phase Transi;on: Three methods to get at a Heat of Reac;on: Measure it, Use Hess’s law or Use Standard Forma;on Enthalpies for Substances involved in the reac;on. •  Defini;on Standard State, and STP/SATP Condi;ons Day # 15: Fall 2011 •  Endothermic (qP > 0) and Exothermic (qP < 0) •  Defini;on of Standard Enthalpy of Vaporiza;on, Sublima;on, Fusion (Mel;ng...
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