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Unformatted text preview: l isotherm, Cri;cal point, Supercri;cal Fluid State. •  Van der Waals (VdW) Equa;on of States and parameters a and b. –  a: strength of intermolecular agrac;ve interac;ons –  b: excluded molar volume (repulsive interac;ons). –  Calcula;on of Pc, Vmc, Tc in terms of a, b and R –  Cri;cal compression factor (Zc = 0.3 from experiments and Zc = 3/8 from van der Waals equa;on of states for all gases). –  All gases depart from ideal behavior to the same extent at their cri;cal point. Day #7: Fall 2011 •  Van der Waals (Cont) •  •  •  •  –  Reduced Pressure, Molar Volume and Temperature –  Principle of Corresponding States ⎛ྎ ∂Vm ⎞ྏ ⎛ྎ ∂Vm ⎞ྏ Vm = f(P,T) Hence, dVm = ⎜ྎ ⎟ྏ dT + ⎜ྎ ⎟ྏ dP ⎝ྎ ∂T ⎠ྏ P ⎝ྎ ∂P ...
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