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Unformatted text preview: of the following statements is incorrect: a) In a mixture A/B of ideal gases, the ratio of partial pressures PA/PB is equal to the ratio of the mole fractions xA/xB b) The relationship between ΔH and ΔU for a chemical reaction occurring at constant T is given by: ΔU = ΔH + RT Δng c) If X is state function of Y and Z, then, dX = (∂X/∂Y)Z dY + (∂X/∂Z)Y dZ d) Consider two ideal gases A and B at the same temperature, the rms speeds of their molecules Crms(A) and Crms(B) and their molar masses, MA and MB. If MA / MB = 4, then, Crms(A) / Crms(B) = ½. Question 8: (5 points) A substance has a molar heat capacity equal to 29.5 J/K.mol, a mo...
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