00 atm a mass m of dry ice is placed on top of the

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Unformatted text preview: lar mass equal to 32 g/mol and a 3 o density of 1.54 mg/cm . Calculate the specific heat capacity of the substance in J/g. C. Question 9: (11 points) o An ideal gas has a density of 0.8161 mg/L at the temperature of 27.85 C and at the pressure of 0.0100 atm. Determine the molar mass of this gas (10 points) and indicate what that gaseous substance might be (1 point). 2 Question 10: (10 points) An ideal gas mixture contains equal masses of components A and B. Given that the molar mass of A is twice that of B and that the total pressure is PT = 0.900 bar, calculate PA, the partial pressure of the component A....
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