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Unformatted text preview: Question 11: (10 points) A non- ideal gas is described using the following equation of state: RT bT − a P= + 2 Vm Vm - 3 where a = 1.00 S.I. unit and b = 3.93 10 S.I. unit are specific parameters proposed for this gas. Part a. (5 points) Determine the Boyle’s temperature TB predicted by this equation of state for this gas and indicate 3 - 1 whether at the state defined by T1 = 200. K and Vm,1 = 0.00600 m .mol , intermolecular interactions in this gas are predominantly attractive or repulsive. Justify your answer without relying on whether T1 is greater or lower than TB. Part b. (5 points) Can the above equation of state account for the critical behavior of this gas? Justify your answer. 3 Question 12: (12 points) Exactly two moles of an ideal gas are placed in a cylinder, which is sealed from the surroundings by a freely moving, massless adiabatic piston. The cylinder has diathermic walls and i...
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