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Unformatted text preview: y two moles of an ideal gas are placed in a cylinder, which is sealed from the surroundings by a freely moving, massless adiabatic piston. The cylinder has diathermic walls and is placed in an oven o kept at 28 C, where the atmospheric pressure is Patm = 1.00 atm. A mass M of dry ice is placed on top of the piston. Once, the gas in the cylinder equilibrates under the combined actions of the mass M of dry ice and the atmospheric pressure, the gas pressure reads P = 1.84 atm. Now consider the following two isothermal experiments: In experiment (A), the block of dry ice is removed very quickly (say in one millisecond) from the top of the piston and the gas is allowed to expand. In experiment (B), the block of dry ice is allowed to undergo very slow sublimation (say over a period of a few...
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