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15k for the reaction ch4g 2 cl2g ccl4l 2 h2g

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Unformatted text preview: the system. e) The second law of thermodynamics can be expressed as dS > δq / T for all spontaneous processes. f) For a reversible process, the change in entropy of the surroundings is opposite in sign and equal in magnitude to that of the system. Question 6: (5 points) Which among the following statements is incorrect? a) The most reliable method for the calculation of enthalpies of reaction uses enthalpies of formation. b) The standard formation enthalpy of oxygen gas is equal to zero at all reaction temperatures. c) The heat of reaction in an adiabatic bomb calorimeter is equal to the reaction enthalpy change. d) The temperature change observed in an adiabatic bomb calorimeter is always positive whenever...
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