Given the thermodynamic data provided in the data

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Unformatted text preview: j) 9.5 kJ/mol k) 11 kJ/mol l) 14 kJ/mol 2 Question 15: (5 points) The temperature dependence of the vapor pressure of the liquid phase of a substance can be approximated by the relation ln(P) = 14.73822 – 7109.27 / T and that of the vapor pressure of the solid phase of that substance by ln(P) = 15.91423 – 7384.69 / T. In both cases, T is given in kelvin and P in kPa. - 9 What is the triple point pressure for this substance? (Should be in the range 10 kPa to 100 kPa.) - 3 a) 1.7 kPa b) 1.2x10 kPa c) 0.87 kPa d) 3.1 kPa e) 0.24 kPa f) 8.6 kPa - 7 g) 6.1 kPa h) 5.7 kPa i) 1.6x10 kPa j) 9.5 kPa k) 1.3 kPa l) 14 kpa Show your derivations and calculations. Question 16: (5 points) Which among the following expressions is a correct representation of dS? a) dS = (CV/T) dT + (α /kT) dV b) dS = (CV/T) dT + αV dP c) dS = (Cp /T) dT + (α/kT) dV d) dS = (CV/T) dT - αV dP e) dS = (Cp /T) dT + αV dP f) dS = (CV/T) dT + (κT/α) dV g) dS = (Cp /T) dT - (α/kT) dP h) dS = (CV/T) dT - (κT/α) dV Show your derivations for any credit. Question 17: (5 points) The change in free energy of a certain process is equal to 4.00 kJ...
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