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Homework 04 Solution

5 here is a little bit of background on the solution

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Unformatted text preview: 00013*h ) = 0.5452 kg/m3. 4.5 Here is a little bit of background on the solution. The matrix that I set up is: [ [ [ What I do is guess x, and then determine y = 0.482-x. Then I determine d 3 by solving the matrix. My target is to find x that satisfies the function f (x) = 0 = d 3 - 50. My code uses a=0.01 and b=0.45 as the initial guesses for the bracket methods. The rest of the code is recycled from Homework 2, problem 2.4a. %ChE2124hw45 – Find d3 by bisection method A=[0.539 0.037 0.010 0.002; 0.391 0.481 0.102 0.018; ... 0.043 0.0 0.320 0.220; 0.027 0.0 0.568 0.76]; B=150*[0.093; 0.187; 0.260; 0.460]; iter=0; maxiter=100; tol=1e-4; a=0.01; b=0.45; A(3,2)=a; A(4,2)=1 -sum(A(1:3,2)); X=A\B; fa=50-X(3); A(3,2)=b; A(4,2)=1 -sum(A(1:3,2)); X=A\B; fb=50-X(3) if fa*fb >0 disp('Error: no solution over interval') else toli=1; while toli>tol xNS=(a+b)/2; toli=(b-a)/2; A(3,2)=xNS; A(4,2)=1 -sum(A(1:3,2)); X=A\B; fxNS=50-X(3); if fxNS==0 disp('exact solution found') break elseif fa*fxNS<0 b=xNS; fb=fxNS; else a=xNS; fa=fxNS; end iter=iter+1; if (iter>=maxiter) fprintf('did not converge in %i iterations \n',iter) break end end fprintf('solution is x = %f\n\n',xNS) end Output: solution is x = 0.405581...
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