Blood group polymorphisms

Controlofbreathingrateandthusco2 concentration

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Unformatted text preview: sis Problems Solutions Acid­base balance Intra­cellular and extra­ The cell membrane as guardian and proton cellular fluid balance transport pump. Control of breathing rate and thus CO2 concentration – Blood transport and diffusion of extra­cellular fluid to and from cells, plasma. Basal metabolic rate Oxygen transport and saturation Regulation of glucose concentration by liver, pancreas and kidneys and, ultimately, by mitochondria. Heart, lung and Brain stem activity Why study traits of simple Why study traits of simple inheritance? They’re easy to study (note the word “simple”!), because we know which genes influence these traits. Because we know what the traits are, we can examine to which environmental stressors they’re responding. Because we know which genes code for these traits, we can map the relevant allele frequencies geographically and learn about environmental conditions now and in the past. We can follow patterns of gene migration with the frequency of these alleles in contiguous populations. Traits: aspects of the phenotype Traits: aspects of the Erythrocytes (red blood cells...
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