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Blood group polymorphisms

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Unformatted text preview: nown as the “H” factor. The antigen is present on the surface of RBCs. It is more powerful on type O RBCs than on those that are type A or B. It is inherited as a dominant allele. Those whose H antigens are secreted in soluble bodily fluids are known as “secreters”. So why are there still so many with So why are there still so many with type A and B blood? Many Native Americans have type O blood Why do others have more A and B? Type O blood is found today most frequently with infectious diseases. Type A blood is found next most frequently. Type B blood is found least frequently in association with infectious diseases. Selection of blood type during Selection of blood type during infancy E. coli strains have variously had protein coats similar to antigens on the RBCs of children with type A and type B blood, killing infants by causing them to become dehydrated (through diarrheal diseases). Same diseases affected type O infants less. Other blood gro...
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