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Cold maladaptive when not pregnant or maladaptive

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Unformatted text preview: , for adaptive pregnant and nursing mothers, before a major growth spurt and in a cold climate. cold – maladaptive when not pregnant or maladaptive nursing, growing or confronting famine or where it’s hot. famine • Gestational diabetes and/or Gestational undernutrition of mothers during pregnancy increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease for the child. child. Fat patterning is: – heritable heritable – also influenced by poverty, stress also and undernutrition. and • Complications of diabetes – – – – Obesity: – Increases risk for diabetes. – iinfluences child growth and nfluences development. development. • • • heart disease kidney failure damage to the retinas damage to peripheral tissue. Diabetes: Diabetes: – Is expensive to treat (cost of Is health care will rise) health – leads to significant disability – Is increasing in frequency....
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