DNA markers & Quantitative Variation

All can be copied and inserted in new locations

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Unformatted text preview: ear elements). – All can be copied and inserted in new locations during meiosis All (transposition). Alu inserts Alu • Identified with Identified endonucleases. endonucleases. – Each can be “cut” with Each ≥ 1 endonucleases. endonucleases. • Alu inserts are a type Alu of SINE. of • ~300 base pairs ~300 (nucleotide pairs) long. long. • Are “junk” sequences Are in introns. in The Cohen Modal Haplotype The The Jewish priestly blessing • Y chromatid has very chromatid few exons, except for those that determine maleness. maleness. • One type of alu insert One alu on the Y chromatid is called the Y alu alu polymorphism or YAP polymorphism • A rare, site-specific rar...
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