DNA markers & Quantitative Variation

Now we look further at the complex of genes that

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Unformatted text preview: enes. Now we look further at the complex of genes that codes for different anatomical traits, visible to the naked eye. In neo-Darwinian terms, these are accumulations of genetic changes that have led to macroevolution. Indels, SINES and LINES Indels, • • • in order to calculate genetic distance between populations, we first have to calculate within-group variation. Generally, mitochondrial DNA, the Y chromatid and/or junk genes are chosen. We look at: Indels: some nucleotide sequences are deleted while others are Indels: inserted. SINES and LINES: all are insertions. – Some have few nucleotides (short interspersed nuclear hort nterspersed uclear elements) and some have many (long interspersed nuclear ong nterspersed ucl...
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