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DNA markers & Quantitative Variation

Endonucleases though most of these are though neutral

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Unformatted text preview: NTRs, STRs, SINEs, LINEs and Alu insertions. Alu The base sequences of these The variants can be learned through the use of endonucleases. endonucleases. Though most of these are Though neutral in their effect, a few (notably tandem repeats) have responded to environmental pressure. pressure. • • • • • Microevolution sometimes Microevolution leads to macroevolution which leads to changes in directly observable, quantitative human traits. human Quantitative traits are coded Quantitative for by multiple genes. for We know very little about the We genes that actually do so. genes We have some idea of what We markers seem to go along with certain phenotypic, continuous traits. traits. This may enable more of the This relevant, controller genes to be found. found....
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