Human Biochemical Diversity

All confer resistance to malaria in heterozygotes

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Unformatted text preview: ). All found where there is/was malaria. All confer resistance to malaria in heterozygotes Where did Indo-Europeans come from? Where Several different models Several based on archeology, linguistics and genetics suggest they came from suggest Western Turkey Western (Anatolia) (Anatolia) Central Asia The Iberian Peninsula The (Spain/Portugal) (Spain/Portugal) Africa • Several different models suggest they came because of: 1. the spread of agriculture (which they brought with them). 2. following prey animals. Summary Summary • There are over 30 different genetic systems of red There blood cell and serum enzymes and proteins. blood • It is possible to use polymorphisms in these It genetics systems to characterize human diversity. genetics • A better way to characterize human diversity is better with the HLA antigen polymorphisms (Chap. 6). with...
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