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mill recorder laborer barger pipe loader helper

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Unformatted text preview: nt: From: 01/01/1994 To: 01/01/2000 Supervisor: 15.46 - Weekly Rate of Pay: 11.10 - Weekly MIKE HUMPRIES May we contact? Rate of Pay: Yes Employer: Dayton Walther Corporation Address: Carrollton, Kentucky - Carrollton - KY USA Phone: (502) 732-6922 Job Title: Manufacturing Associate Duties: Operating many machines: set up and tool change * Quality control oriented * Inspection parts: using gages and visual inspections * Use of measuring devices * Magnaflux certified (certificate) * Assembly line Reason for Leaving: LAY OFF Dates of Employment: From: 01/01/1988 To: 01/01/1994 Supervisor: DAVE COULTER May we contact? Yes US Military Experience Branch of Service: Rank at Discharge: Years in Service: Highest Rank Attained: Are you currently in the reserves? Additional Information: Licenses and Certifications Certification Type: Geographic Area: NO LICENSE Registration Number: Certification Date: Additional: Certification Type: Registration Number: Geographic Area: Certification Date: Additional: Certification Type: Registration Number: VEREEN MARIANNE - 14201300102 - Warehouse Craft IV (OMS)/MACHINING CENTER OPERATOR - O'Neal Manufacturing Services - Louisville Date Created: 6/22/2013 9:16 PM 103 Page 4 of 6 O'Neal Steel Candidate Profile Licenses and Certifications continued... Geographic Area: Certification Date: Additional: Please read carefully before signing O’Neal Industries is an equal opportunity employer. Federal law prohibits discrimination in employment pra...
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