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Unformatted text preview: O'Neal Steel Candidate Profile continued... that only the President of the Company has the authority to establish a contract of employment with me, and that any such contract must be in writing, designated as an employment contract, and signed by both parties. In the event of my employment, any Company materials entrusted to me during the course of my employment will be returned to the Company on the last day of my employment, whether I resign or be terminated. I agree and understand, that should I be employed, I will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, divulge, disclose or communicate to any person, firm or corporation any matters affecting or relating to the business of O'Neal Industries, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any of its customers, the prices it attains or has attained from the sale of, or which it sells or has sold, its services or products, its manner of operation, its plans, and any other "proprietary information". I understand that I may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement consistent with this paragraph as a condition of employment. As a condition of employment, I understand and agree that properly designated Company employees may search my person or property at any time I am on Company property, waiving any legal rights I ma...
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