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BIO 156: GENERAL BIOLOGY II Lab Report Grading Rubric Student’s Name: ____________________________________ ORGANIZATION (10%) ___________ paper includes an appropriate title with authors listed correctly (2 points) ___________ paper includes clearly identified (labeled) abstract, introduction, materials (8 points) and methods, discussion, and literature cited sections TECHNICAL PRESENTATION (40%) ___________ correct spelling and grammar used (10 points) scientific terminology is used correctly content written in a concise and logical manner ___________ required number of references used (10 points) citations paraphrased. citations in text and literature cited sections are in proper format ___________ figures and/or tables in the proper format and location (10 points) figures and/or tables correctly captioned and cited in text ___________ drafts reviewed, edited, and proofread as required. (10 points) CONTENT (50%) ___________ Abstract (10 points) includes concise and specific summary statements from introduction,
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Unformatted text preview: methods, results, and discussion sections ___________ Introduction (10 points) • contains sufficient and appropriate (but not excessive) background information • purpose, hypothesis, and/or predictions of the study are clearly stated ___________ Materials and Methods (10 points) • provides sufficient (but not excessive) detail so that the experiment could be repeated by a practicing scientist • information presented in proper format and does not include information appropriate for other sections (e.g. results or discussion sections) ___________ Results (10 points) • includes figures and/or tables presenting summary data, as well as text describing the results (but not their explanation) ___________ Discussion (10 points) • includes a logical interpretation (explanation) of results and does not make unsubstantiated or inappropriate inferences from those results SP07...
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