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Rel 101 In Class Essay Guide

Rel 101 In Class Essay Guide - Religion 101 Study Guide for...

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Religion 101: Study Guide for In Class Essay on James For the in-class essay, you must bring with you either: 1. a Blue Book or 2. several sheets of blank notebook paper affixed with a staple. The In-Class Essay will be closed-book, closed-notes. I will be explaining the reasons for this when I review these guidelines in class. But what this means is that you need to be prepared with some basic knowledge about James’ theory of religion. If you have been keeping up with the readings and attending to class discussions, I think you should be in good shape if you review your notes and key sections of James. I highly recommend studying/reviewing the following: You should know the basic definition of religion that James on p. 36. You do not need to memorize it, but you should know the basic components of his definition and how he justifies this definition. You should also know some of the important characteristics of religious experiences that James identifies in his lectures generally. These characteristics
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