Rel 101 Midterm Review Guide

Rel 101 Midterm Review Guide - Mid-term Review: REL 101 The...

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Mid-term Review: REL 101 The Mid-term exam will be broken down into two main parts: identification questions and essay questions. Identification questions will ask that you identify and describe a particular term or concept in two to three sentences. This section will comprise about 25-35% of the overall grade for the exam. For these questions you will need to define the term in the context of the class readings and then describe why that term is important for the study of religion for the author at hand. Essay Questions will ask that you respond thoughtfully and articulately to a question that will be based in readings completed for the class thus far. You will need to have a strong understanding of the readings (as based in class lectures and discussions) in order to answer these questions well. The instructions for each question will specify the length of your responses: typically this will be two to three paragraphs. This section will likely comprise about 65-75% of the overall grade. I typically try to avoid cases of redundancy or double jeopardy on the exam. For example, if I ask you to identify the term ontology, then it is likely the case that I will not ask an essay question on that same topic. Housekeeping and Additional Readings: I would strongly recommend reviewing the material from J.Z. Smith, Charles Long, and Mircea Eliade. For short essay questions, I might ask you to think about the ways in which these models for thinking about religion are significant: i.e., how or why does the academic study of
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Rel 101 Midterm Review Guide - Mid-term Review: REL 101 The...

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