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Anthro writing assignment 3

Anthro writing assignment 3 - Writing Assignment 3 Race and...

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Writing Assignment 3 Race and nationality are both, it can be argued, social constructs. Identifying with a certain country and giving oneself an ethnicity is largely influenced by one’s community. When half of one’s family lives in another country with its own unique culture, this identification becomes more convoluted —as does one’s definition of family and obligation. My interviewee’s mother is Caucasian, and his father is Vietnamese. His father’s entire family still lives in Vietnam, and this certainly influences his definition and description of family. On a surface level, my family tree is characterized by a series of divorces and deaths in my parents’ generation that is only mimicked in his mother’s side of the family—the side more ethnically similar to my own heritage. Among his mother’s siblings, we see the presence of stepmothers and fathers. This phenomenon exists in my family tree as well, on both the matriarchal and patriarchal sides. The differences between our genealogies are more obvious on my interviewee’s father’s side.
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