Tutorial 4, Week 5 (Homework)[1]

F g h i j k cash at bank service revenue performed

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Unformatted text preview: i. j. k. Cash at Bank Service Revenue (Performed service and received cash) 800 Advertising Expense Accounts Payable (Received advertising bill) 500 Accounts Payable Cash at Bank (Paid on account) 400 800 500 400 Accounts Receivable Service Revenue (Performed service on credit) 3,300 Cash at Bank Accounts Receivable (Collected cash on account) 1,100 Rent Expense Insurance Expense Cash at Bank (Paid expenses) 1,000 600 Vince Serrano, Drawings Cash at Bank (Withdrawal by owner) 2,600 3,300 1,100 1,600 2,600 3. Post to the accounts and keep a running balance for each account Account Date a. b. d. e. g. i. j. k. Account Date h. i. Cash At Bank Item Jrnl. Ref. Account No. Balance Debit 40,000 Credit 32,000 1,300 800 400 1,100 1,600 2,600 Accounts Receivable Item Jrnl. Ref. Debit 3,300 Debit 40,000 8,000 6,700 7,500 7,100 8,200 6,600 4,000 Credit Account No. Balance Credit 1,100 Debit 3,300 2,200 Credit Account Date c. Account Date b. Account Date a. Account Date c. f. g. Account Date a. Account Date k. A...
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